Bonester 4031 Automotive Creeper Review | How To Use?

The Bone-ster™ 4031 Automotive Creeper is a popular model produced by The Bone, a line of creepers from Dale Adams Enterprises known for their unique design and durability. Here’s a detailed guide to the Bone-ster™ 4031 Automotive Creeper, including its features, benefits, and how to make the most of this specialized tool for vehicle maintenance and repair work.

Overview of the Bone-ster™ 4031 Automotive Creeper

The Bone-ster™ 4031 is specifically designed to provide mechanics and automotive enthusiasts with a comfortable, low-profile platform for working under vehicles. It is part of The Bone’s line of creepers, which boast a distinctive shape modeled to fit the human body better than traditional flat creepers.

Key Features of the Bone-ster™ 4031

1. High-Impact Polypropylene Body

  • The creeper is constructed from custom-molded, high-impact polypropylene that is lightweight yet strong enough to support a significant amount of weight, usually around 300 pounds.

2. Comfortable Design

  • With a deep-molded rib design for added strength, it also provides better comfort, with less likelihood of the creeper bowing in the middle.

3. Outboard Wheel Design

  • The Bone-ster™ features wide, stable, and incredibly durable wheels positioned outside the frame for superior maneuverability and a reduced chance of tipping over.

4. Superior Rollers

  • The wheels are made with a unique, industrial-grade material that allows for smooth movement over rough and uneven surfaces, as well as resistance to oil, gas, and chemicals typically found in a garage.

5. Performance and Convenience

  • It’s outfitted with 3-inch wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, ensuring that you can quickly move around underneath a vehicle.

6. Low Profile

  • The creeper sits just over an inch high, making it easy to slide under vehicles with low ground clearance.

Benefits of Using the Bone-ster™ 4031


  • The creeper’s design allows for faster and more efficient movement, which can significantly speed up work under vehicles.


  • Its ergonomic design helps prevent the discomfort and fatigue associated with lying on hard, cold, and often uneven shop floors.


  • The Bone-ster™ 4031’s materials and construction are designed to last, even in the harshest working conditions, providing long-term value.


  • The stable and secure wheelbase reduces the risk of accidents that can occur with lesser quality creepers.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain the Bone-ster™ 4031:

  • Regularly clean the creeper with standard shop cleaners to keep the surface free of oils and chemicals.
  • Check the wheels for any embedded debris that might impair movement and remove as necessary.
  • Inspect the creeper before each use for any signs of wear or damage, especially to the wheels and wheel mounts.


The Bone-ster™ 4031 Automotive Creeper is a top-of-the-line tool for anyone from DIY enthusiasts to professional mechanics. With its ergonomic design, exceptional durability, and smooth mobility, it’s a piece of equipment that can make automotive work much less strenuous and much more productive. As with any tool, proper maintenance will ensure that the Bone-ster™ 4031 remains a reliable assistant in any automotive project.

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